Identifier 150602
TitleThe importance of developing a foundation for naive category theory
Type of publicationarticle
Author(s)M.J.T.F. Cabbolet
Keywordsnaive category theory, Russel paradox
SourceThought 4(4), 237-242
Publication date2015-06-25
AbstractRecently Feferman (Rev. Symb. Logic 6:6-15, 2013) has outlined a program for the development of a foundation for naive category theory. While Ernst (ibid. 8:306-327, 2015) has shown that the resulting axiomatic system is still inconsistent, the purpose of this note is to show that nevertheless some foundation has to be developed before naive category theory can replace axiomatic set theory as a foundational theory for mathematics. It is argued that in naive category theory currently a 'cookbook recipe' is used for constructing categories, and it is explicitly shown with a formalized argument that this "foundationless" naive category theory therefore contains a paradox similar to the Russell paradox of naive set theory.