Identifier 151102
TitleSpecial Relativity in a pseudo-Riemannian 5-manifold with a curled-up fifth dimension
Type of publicationpreprint
Author(s)M.J.T.F. Cabbolet
KeywordsSpecial Relativity, fifth dimension, curled-up dimension, pseudo-Riemannian geometry, 5-manifold
Publication date2015-11-19
AbstractThis paper is a self-contained introduction of Special Relativity (SR) in a pseudo-Riemannian 5-manifold with one curled-up dimension. Although presented here as a theory on its own, this five-dimensional account of SR is an integral part of the proof that the Elementary Process Theory corresponds to SR, see 'Relativity of Spatiotemporal Characteristics of Inertial Motion in the Universe of the Elementary Process Theory' by M. Cabbolet.
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